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Liv Hospital

We are continuing the journey we began in Istanbul at the beginning of 2013


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Liv stands for our distinctive guiding Leading International Vision, specifically tailored our international patients. Liv is an environment of excellence, comfort, tranquility and spiritual calm that brings together the very latest in medical expertise, science and technology with age-old concepts of holistic wellbeing, healing, comfort and hospitality. More than just a patient, you are our valued guest. The Liv Hospital is a home away from home, to aid a comfortable and speedy recovery.

This vision encompasses the cultural, spiritual, entertainment, culinary, leisure and concierge service requirements of our international patients and their accompanying family members and companions, as well as ensuring the highest level of coordinated medical care from our Liv team of internationally-trained and highly experienced physicians and medical specialists, who strive always to be competitive with the world’s finest hospitals on international clinical data criteria.

You are the center of our attention. We believe you will notice the difference.

Liv Hospital’s mission is to improve the health of all our international patients by setting the standard of excellence in individual patient care.
Our International Office aims to provide international patients with stress-free access to Liv Hospital’s medical services across the entire range of medical specialties, as an integral part of Liv Hospital’s overall mission to make a difference by offering a service that protects people’s health and heals them when they become sick.
We aim to make all our international patients and their loved ones feel at home, in their own language and in their own culture, from the moment of their first enquiry to their safe return home.
Liv Hospital combines the highest level of care and medical expertise with a team of highly experienced specialists, surgeons, nursing and ancillary staff, in order:

To be one of the region’s preeminent health care institutions across the range of medical specialties
To provide the highest quality care and service for all our international patients in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness.

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